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Review and Appeal of Immigration Decisions

We have successfully assisted people who had their application rejected because:

  1. their immigration agent handled their application poorly;
  2. the immigration case officer had not understood their documents;
  3. the immigration case officer has come across information that had a negative impact on his assessment of documents submitted.

Many people have come to see us when they receive correspondence from their immigration case officer indicating a rejection was likely.  Sometimes we have been successful in preventing the rejection and sometimes it is necessary to proceeded to an application for review of the decision to sort it.  Circumstances vary from case to case.

Over the years, since commencement in 1997, we have represented clients in the Migration Review Tribunal, Refugee Review Tribunal, Administrative Appeals Tribunal, Federal Court of Australia and High Court of Australia.  Coelho & Coelho were successful representing their client in the High Court of Australia in the case of Minister for Immigration and Multicultural Affairs v. Khawar [2002] HCA 14.

We accept instructions in immigration review matters after we have assessed the matter and only if we see merit in seeking a review of the decision.

Our fee is $550 to assess if your matter is suitable for review in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT).  Your payment is part of your total costs should we agree to represent you.  You may contact us with a copy of the rejection decision and arrange payment of this assessment fee if you are seeking a better outcome.  Our immigration lawyers will advise you if there is a way forward.  

Send your email to with a copy of the reasons for decision and request our assessment of your situation.